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Wellness Week wants to 'get you going'

Hospital news | Friday, July 29, 2022

Arbor Health is bringing a strong lineup of wellness-related activities for East Lewis County for the week of August 22-27. The intention of the event is to encourage community members to get moving, get eating healthier and get to learning about ways to improve their health.

Photo contest

Three of the days' events are on the inspirational level to be conducted on community members' own time. Monday, Thursday and Friday themes (see below) are all tied to a photo contest to demonstrate how they used the time in keeping with the theme. All photos will be emailed to: by Monday, August 29th for judging. The winning photographs will be published in area newspapers, posted on this website and Arbor Health's social media accounts. Appropriate prizes will be awarded per category.

Monday, August 27

Get Moving Monday

Get out of that chair, off that couch and get moving! Go for a walk around your neighborhood, play an outdoor game with your kids or grandkids, or use that day/evening to mow your lawn. Whatever gets you up and moving is a contribution to your health and wellness. We invite you to email us a photo of your activity to the email address above.

Tuesday, August 23, Arbor Talks

Gun Safety is No Accident:

Morton Rifle & Pistol Club
6603 US Hwy 12, Morton
Instructors from the Morton Rifle and Pistol Club will present a one-hour class with demonstrations on the basics of firearm handling and storage safety options.

Wednesday, August 24, Arbor Talks

Arbor Talks at the Roxy

Morton Roxy Theater
233 West Main St., Morton

  • 5:30 p.m. “Moving to the Glucose” beat.” The effects of exercise on blood sugar by Dr. Travis Podbilski
  • 6:00 p.m. “Better health by eating more. Secrets from Centenarians," by Dr. John E. Gobble
  • 6:30 p.m. “Swallowing isn’t always as easy as pie," by NiCassia Gabiola, SLP.
  • 7:00 p.m. “Don’t worry, it can’t happen to you…Or can it?” Adventure Medics share some of their most interesting rescues.
  • 7:30 p.m. “Amazing hikes at your doorstep” by Judy Roberts, local hiking enthusiast

Thursday, August 25

Tech-Free Thursday

This day's theme activities could be very similar to Get-Moving Monday's. The idea is to leave the technology behind and get out there and be active—with one caveat. Of course, in order to enter the photography contest with this day's activity, you'll need your a camera—which might be your cellphone. We get it, but we encourage you to take your photos and then tuck your phone away. You'll have three additional days to email us your photo. This might be an ideal chance to try out one of the local hikes you learned about on Wednesday at the Arbor Talks.

Friday, August 26

Healthy Food Friday

We all have at least a basic understanding of what foods are healthy—make that your focus today. In fact, this day's theme is is a great application for the information presented on Wednesday at the Arbor Talks. And if you want to enter the photo contest, send us a photo. Be creative, the shot could be of your meal, of the meal preparation, there are many possibilities... We look forward to seeing your creativity.

Saturday, August 27

Joy in the Journey 5K Color Run (or walk)

Some will run, some will walk—all will get some exercise and hopefully find Joy in the Journey.

Exercise is a great contributor toward your wellness. Here's a chance to get some some in with an added twist for fun. The Arbor Health Foundation is getting involved to provide the walk/run participants with the "option of color."

Starting at 9 a.m. at Arbor Health—Morton Hospital, participants will follow the route encircling Morton. Prior to the event, participants will determine if they wish to be "colorized." Arbor Health Foundation volunteers will be located on the route to blast those who choose with varying colors of corn starch-type substance. By the route's end, color-participants will be visions of rainbows. See our website for pricing and registration,

Wellness Expo

The Arbor Health—Morton Hospital parking lot will become a wellness expo at 9 a.m.-noon on Saturday, August 27. Exhibitors of a variety of health- or wellness-related displays will be at your service. Included in the exhibitors will be the Morton Fire Department with a fire-evacuation trailer to teach children how to escape a burning building, home health providers, craft teachers, Adventure Medics with their critical care ambulance, nonprofit groups for community involvement, healthy snacks for purchase and much more.