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Important Arbor Health Information

Arbor Health's Community Health Needs Assessment

Financial Statements and Independent Auditors’ Reports

Lewis County Hospital District No. 1, doing business as Arbor Health, contracts with the Spokane-based Dingus, Zarecor & Associates, PLLC, for annual independent audits. In keeping with our Mission Statement to "Foster trust and nurture a healthy community," we encourage our community members to review and become familiar with the statements.

Financial Statements and Independent Auditors’ Reports, 2020 and 2021

Interlocal Agreement

Arbor Health participates in the Washington Rural Health Collaborative (WRHC). The WRHC is a collaboration for 15 Critical Access Hospitals who work collectively to achieve more than any one individual. The Collaborative's focus has helped members to be wise stewards of the resources they receive as public entities. The WRHC's mission is collaborating to stimulate innovation and agile partnerships that improve rural health care quality, efficiency and sustainability. The WRHC's vision is to be recognized as a significant network of partners supporting member hospital's to achieve service excellence through collaboration and innovation.