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Women's Health Services

At every stage of life, we're here to provide the compassionate and comprehensive care you deserve.

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From left: Crystal Florek, ARNP, FNP; Fabiola Puga, MD; and Victoria Acosta, DO.

At Arbor Health we agree the relationship between you and your women’s Health professional is a vital lifeline. We understand that your overall health is affected by your reproductive health. That is why we offer women’s health services so you can receive compassionate, professional care, right here at home.

In addition to being Lewis County's leader in breast health diagnostics, you will find our women's health providers to be thorough, considerate and professional.

  • Victoria Acosta, DO
    Mossyrock Clinic

  • Crystal Florek, ARNP
    Specialty Clinic

  • Esther Park-Hwang, MD
    Specialty Clinic

  • Fabiola Puga, MD
    Morton Clinic

3-Dimensional Mammography

When we think about Women's Health Services, breast cancer quickly comes to mind. Arbor Health has been Lewis County's breast-health-diagnosis leader for the past several years. In fact, we were the first provider to invest in the life-saving 3-Dimensional Mammography equipment.

The number-one weapon against breast cancer is early diagnosis, and 3-Dimensional Mammography is the very best way to achieve it. This type of imaging is much more accurate, greatly reducing the need for a recall mammogram, saving time, expense, and giving you peace of mind.

Early detection, which 3-Dimensional Digital Mammography provides, increases the 5-year survival rate from 12% to 95%, a staggering difference.

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