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Infusion Services

We are here when you need us most

We know you weigh the cost of driving over-an-hour away for infusion treatments. Why drive out of town when you can receive those same services right here at home? Infusion devices can deliver fluids in large or small amounts and may be used to deliver nutrients or medications, including insulin, antibiotics, and even pain relievers. Arbor Health offers an array of these treatments so you can remain close to home, which is especially helpful for infusion patients who sometimes require this care several times a week or even daily.

Located within Morton Hospital, Arbor Health's infusion program offers the following services:

  • IV infusion or injections for chemotherapeutic support: Including Procrit, Neupogen, and Neulasta monoclonal antibody medications.
  • Infusion services for complicated infections.
  • Blood transfusion services.
  • IV infusion of autoimmune medications.
  • IV medications to treat migraines.