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Wellness-Topic Videos

You've heard of Ted Talks?
We have Arbor Talks

Wellness Week 2022 included five virtual wellness presentations at the Roxy Theater in Morton. Informal, wellness-related topics presented on topics you want to learn more about.

Moving to the Glucose Beat

By Travis Podbilski, D.O.

Better Health by Eating More

By John Gobble, DrPH

Swallowing Isn't Always as Easy as Pie

By NiCassia Gabiola, SLP

Don't Worry, it Can't Happen to You

By Adventure Medic's Michael Johnson

Amazing Hikes at Your Back Door

By Judy Roberts

Wellness Week 2021 Virtual Presentations

Aging and Exercise

By Bryan Gettys, DPT, PT.

Beating the Winter Blues

By Carolyn Price, LCSW

Firearm Safety Review

By Steve Nelson, Firearm Instructor

Healthy Pleasures

By Led by Risë Rafferty, MS, RDN

Knees & Skis

By Amy Ballard, DPT, PT

The Truth About Diabetes

By Travis Podbilski, DO