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Community Connections

It’s all connected to the
vital conditions of wellness.

What do you like to do for activities? Let's do it together.

People need people

Join us in this community connection site to help bring people together.

Suggested Groups

The following are merely suggestions. There are many more opportunities available; we just need someone to kick off the suggestion—someone like you!

Walking Groups

Are you currently active in a walking group? If not, would you like to be?

Walking is a great activity for fitness—and companionship. We can see opportunities for multiple groups, based geographically and skill level. How about the Padckwood Peddlers? Or the Morton Mile Highers? Of course, group names aren't the important factor, the value lies in the activity and connections.

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Hiking Groups

Hiking is a very popular outdoor activity—and we certainly live in the ideal location. There are opportunities abound! This activity has potential for multiple ability levels. There are those of us who enjoy nicely-maintained paths—and then there are those who go "straight to the top."

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Chess Club

Chess is a great game, one that keeps the players mentally active and challenged. We haven't heard of a Chess Club in East Lewis County, but we think it would be a great endeavor for the right people.

Are you one of these people?

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Needlework Group

The ol' quilting bees of days gone by do not need to just be seen in the rear-view mirror. Those crafters were really on to something. Companionship, shared interests, learning from each other—all viable qualities in community groups.

Are you interesting in forming a group? Or do you already have one and are willing to expand? This form is for you:

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Cycling Groups

Pull your bicycle out of the garage, strap on your helmet—and invite someone to join you! There is someone in your very own community who shares the same cycling interest and skill level but maybe they don't know where to ride. Or maybe it's you that needs the information, yet there's someone just down the road who has the answers you need. You just need to make the connection.

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Gardening Group

How does your garden grow?
What's the best fertilizer for raised beds?
Do your radishes get wormy?

All good questions—and there's more where those came from. Who has the answers? You? Your neighbor? Why not form a group to share information, tips and tricks.

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What else? What groups can you suggest?

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