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Arbor Health engages new billing service

Hospital news | Thursday, April 2, 2020

Arbor Health is pleased to announce that we have engaged a new business partner to help us provide excellent customer service to our patients through our billing office. Good customer service was a priority when we researched several agencies that offer these services. We believe we have made the best choice with Revenue Enterprises (REL), located in Aurora, CO. They will begin their work on 04/01/2020.

This organization has a terrific reputation of providing customer service for hospitals and other healthcare facilities, all throughout the Midwest. They have a staff of representatives that understand hospital bills and how insurance companies pay and equally important, they are eager to assist you!

What specifically are they going to do, you ask? We have partnered with them to provide four main services:

  • Make sure that your hospital and physician statements are clear, accurate, and sent to you at regular intervals. Our statements will have a new look and will provide a bit more detail than what you are accustomed to seeing, as well.
  • Place courtesy calls to our patients (you) to ensure that you received your statements and that you understand how the balance reflected was calculated.
  • Provide excellent customer service to our patients when they call to pay their hospital bills, make payment arrangements or ask questions about their bill.
  • Make reminder calls to our patients who may have overlooked their bills or waited a bit longer than expected to pay to help arrange payment prior to Arbor Health needing to pursue collections more aggressively.

The patient bills generated from REL will provide a local number for you to contact that will ring directly to their office and a toll-free number for patients outside of the 360 area code. REL has made a commitment to Arbor Health; should a patient need assistance beyond their scope of work or if they have troubles that are beyond their ability to resolve, REL will work with us to ensure your concerns are being addressed.

We believe this transition will prove to be a positive change for our patients and we look forward to continue serving your medical needs.