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Coronavirus Disease

Information about COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease), including available testing, restrictions to our visitors policy, hospital entry points and other related information.

Rehabilitation and therapy services

Personalized care and treatment

At Arbor Health we know that it is best to recover close to home. That is why we offer both outpatient and inpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy services at Morton Hospital. Our goal is to facilitate restoration of prior skills, acquisition of new skills, and maintenance of current functional skills. In addition, we help to establish adaptive strategies, determine assistive device needs and identify techniques to promote independence and safety.

Whether you are recovering from surgery, have an acute injury, a chronic ongoing condition or a life-changing event like a stroke, our staff can help you achieve your goals. Once we receive a referral from your primary healthcare provider, we will schedule you for an evaluation with the appropriate discipline; physical, occupational or speech therapy.

We provide comprehensive and compassionate evaluation, treatment, training, and education. Our approach is patient and family centered to support you, the patient, in your learning and recovery. Our services are available for school age, adolescent, adult and geriatric patients.

Services are available for:

  • Neurologic rehabilitation e.g. stroke, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s, etc.
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation.
  • Physical conditioning.
  • Chronic pain.
  • Hand therapy.
  • Return-to-work.
  • Home safety assessments.
  • Wheelchair assessments.
  • Vestibular assessments.
  • Aquatic therapy.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy (PT) helps reduce pain and improve or restore your physical function, mobility, and fitness level.

It assists with any of the conditions listed:

  • Pain.
  • Incontinence.
  • Tendon or ligament problems.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Post joint replacements and other orthopedic surgeries.
  • Balance deficits.
  • Weakness.
  • Limited mobility.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) helps with activities of daily living (ADL) such as bathing, dressing, grooming and feeding. High level functional skills are also addressed and include: meal preparation, money management, shopping, community navigation, household chores and school- or job-related skills.

Occupational therapy assists with any of the conditions listed:

  • Pain.
  • Limited mobility.
  • Weakness.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Post joint replacements and other orthopedic surgeries.
  • Cognitive deficits.
  • Poor endurance.
  • Tendon and ligament problems.

Speech therapy

Speech therapy (ST) helps with communication, thinking skills, and swallowing. Skills include those needed at home, in the community, at work, and at school.

Speech therapy assists with any of the conditions listed:

  • Voice disorders.
  • Fluency (stuttering).
  • Difficulty chewing and swallowing.
  • Disorders of speech.
  • Cognitive deficits e.g. difficulty with memory, concentration, problem solving, etc.
  • Difficulty with language which includes reading, writing, math, listening and understanding, and word finding.

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Our rehabilitation services team is dedicated to continually expand the care that we provide for you. Our therapists can personalize your therapy program to meet your individual needs. We are here to help you return to work, to your daily activities and to the things you love doing the most.

Rehabilitation Services
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6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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