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3-D digital mammography

The only 3-D Mammography in Lewis County

Annual breast exams are crucial to women over age 40 and those with other genetic risk factors, to ensure proper women's health. Yet, we know you weigh the cost of driving long distances for state-of-the-art women's care. That is why Arbor Health was the first in Lewis County to bring 3-Dimensional Digital Mammography to our community. In fact, we are still the only 3-Dimensional Mammography provider in Lewis County.

This type of imaging is much more accurate, greatly reducing the need for a recall mammogram, saving time, expense, and giving you peace of mind. Our goal is to help you remain close to home for compassionate, professional women's care, including your annual mammogram.

Early detection, which 3-Dimensional Digital Mammography provides, increases the 5-year survival rate from 12% to 95%, a staggering difference.

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