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Patient reviews

We want to thank our patients for their reviews. Their recommendations speak volumes about our staff's dedication and expertise.

Physical Therapy

April 29, 2020
I have been treated very well in Physical Therapy. I also have learned a lot. I learned how to balance in the swimming pool. Also because of my treatment, I learned I need to install an additional insert in my right shoe to make up for the difference in length of my leg after the left knee replacement. I have also practiced on keeping my balance.

Thank you, Bryan Gettys. Brian is the best physical therapist I have ever had.


May 4, 2020
Arbor Health Morton Wa Physical Therapy
Staff & therapist very friendly & helpful. I was able to get an appointment quickly and always kept informed.


Speech Therapy

Christina Foxley--thanks to Christina

I started improving by the end of my second appointment and I continued to improve every week.

Christina helped me more than anyone at the hospital while I had my surgery. 

She was very helpful, kind and encouraging. I would recommend her to anyone.

Also want to point out: All the schedulers.