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Registered Nurse








The Registered Nurse is a leader of the health care team with a comprehensive educational background in the nursing process to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate all aspects of patient/resident care and family teaching. The Registered Nurse also has leadership skills which enable him/her to prescribe, delegate, and coordinate the nursing care provided throughout the district. The Registered Nurse assists in orientation, training, and education of personnel.

Minimum qualifications:

  • A graduate of an accredited registered nurse program.
  • Current license to practice as a Registered Nurse in the State of Washington, with annual renewal required. Current American Heart Association BLS and ACLS or must be obtained within 6 months of hire. RN's working in ER and OR are required to have PALS Certification or obtain it within 90 days of hire in addition to the BLS and ACLS requirement. RN's in ER must also have TNCC or an equivalent.
  • Two years medical experience preferred.

Primary job responsibilities:

Registered nurse

  • Obtains an individualized patient assessment, prioritizing the data collection based on the patients/residents immediate condition or needs within the timeframe specified by the facility's policies, procedures and protocols.
  • Develops individualized plan of care appropriate to age of patient/resident.
  • Initiate the plan of care that is individualized for the patients/residents reflecting collaboration with other members of the healthcare team.
  • Conducts ongoing assessments as determined by the patients/residents condition and/or the facility's policies, procedures or protocols and reprioritizes care accordingly.
  • Performs appropriate treatments as ordered by the physician in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Performs therapeutic nursing interventions as established by individualized plan of care for the patients/residents and his/her family.
  • Provides individualized patient/family education customized to the patients/residents and his/her family.
  • Documents patient assessment findings, physical/psychosocial responses to nursing intervention and progress towards problem resolution and discharge planning.
  • Initiates emergency resuscitative measures according to resuscitation protocols.
  • Provide care in a non-judgmental, non-discriminatory manner that is sensitive to the patients/residents and family's diversity, preserving their autonomy, dignity and rights.
  • Reports patient condition to charge nurse beginning and end of shift. Reports changes in patient conditions to charge nurse and appropriate personnel as necessary.
  • Acts in a fiscally responsible manner and works to decrease waste.
  • Able to work in a Team-oriented environment that provides the highest level of quality patient care while maintaining very high patient satisfaction scores.
  • Safe medication practices according to hospital districts policy and procedures of medication administration.
  • Ensure that the appropriate charges for patient care are entered into EHR.

Problem solving

  • Demonstrate sound judgment by taking appropriate actions regarding questionable findings or concerns.
  • Demonstrates flexibility in assuming responsibilities to facilitate quality patient/resident care.
  • Investigate and follow through on unusual orders or requests for service or information.
  • Follow proper reporting procedures for actual or potential accidents and/or incidents so follow-up and/or prevention can occur.
  • Consistently evaluate work and determine if further steps are needed to meet patients/residents/facility expectations.
  • Demonstrates adequate time management techniques.
  • Take initiative to do or redo inadequate or incomplete work, even if it is not yours.
  • Record/report the need for service maintenance or repair of equipment and remove any faulty equipment from service and complete documentation of issue.
  • Adheres to the nursing standards and regulations, seeks continuing education for professional knowledge and contributes to the development and growth of the department.
  • Works within the framework of Washington State RN Practice Act, established policies and procedures of Lewis County Hospital District No. 1, and standards of care.
  • Assumes responsibility for professional growth with continuing education specific to assigned unit.
  • Annual mandatory education requirements.
    • Has completed Basic Nurse Med/Surg/Custodial annual competency
    • Has completed Charge Nurse annual competency
    • Has completed Emergency Nurse annual competency
    • Has completed annual Surgical competency
  • Actively participates on hospital committees or in unit development.
  • Initiates appropriate measures for intervention in ethical issues.
  • Demonstrate adequate and appropriate critical thinking skills.


  • Consistently demonstrates the ability to respond to changing situations in a flexible manner in order to meet current needs, such as reprioritizing work as necessary.
  • Minimize non-productive time and fill slow periods with activities that will enable you to prepare to meet the future needs of the System (education, organizing, housekeeping, assisting others).
  • Organize job functions and work area to be able to effectively complete varied assignments within established time frames.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Charge Nurse

Consistently demonstrates the expected documentation (a goal of 90%) to reflect patient assessments, needs and interactions.

Responsible for performing a variety of duties to provide quality nursing care to patients. Responsible for coordinating total nursing care with a focus on excellent patient outcomes. Oversees implementation of specific procedures and programs (i.e. Core Measurements, QI Indicators). Works with the Director of Nursing to establish and reach specific departmental goals. Determines staffing using Morton General Hospital's staffing policy and understanding of patient acuities. Promotes activities to expedite work flow. Supports staff compliance with all operating policies and procedures. Communicates with supervising personnel providing daily reports and other periodic reports as needed. Coordinates and/or performs duties in all areas of care. Teaches and mentors staff.

  • Supports staff nurse in developing appropriate interventions to prevent decline; notifies appropriate staff per protocol (i.e. physician, wound care nurse, social worker, etc). Receives report on patient conditions at beginning and end of shift and additionally as appropriate.
  • Coordinate care and communication interdepartmentally to assist staff nurse and maximize communication with all members of the healthcare team. Make appropriate referrals/contacts.
  • Acts as liaison between pt/family/staff and/or outside services as needed.
  • Has a clear understanding of the process and activates the appropriate team for Code Blue, fires, chemical spills, Code Gray, disaster,security threat, lockdown or calls 911 if at night and a threat has been identified.
  • Works with upset patients, family, and/or staff to reduce anger and stress.
  • Ensure completion of employee and/or patient incident forms and submittal to appropriate personnel. Completes follow up investigation and documents plan and action.
  • Assists staff nurse when needed so he/she can round with physician and multidisciplinary staff.
  • Act to obtain medications from pharmacy when no pharmacist is in house. Charge nurse or delegate will enter medication orders when no pharmacist is available.
  • Support and collaborate with all other hospital departments.
  • Be fiscally responsible with leading by example and educate others on decreasing waste of supplies.
  • Communicate status of house and patients to oncoming charge nurse.
  • Supervise the NAC's and Unit Clerks and determine work procedures, prepare assignments, expedite work flow, evaluate, counsel, and ensure their downtime is filled appropriately.
  • Fully complete the charge nurse sheet and submit to CNO.
  • Trained in de-escalation management and work with upset patient, family, and/or staff to reduce anger and stress. Activates the Code Gray team as required or calls 911 if at night and identifies a threat.

Outpatient Registered Nurse

Provides clinical direction for all aspects of patient care in an outpatient setting. Responsible and accountable for the day-to-day scheduled activities of the outpatient nursing service to ensure that appropriate standards of patient care are maintained.

  • Verifies that the orders for outpatient services have complete order requirements which is the provider's legal name and signature, patient name, diagnosis/symptom, order treatment and date of order.
  • Work in coordination with ancillary departments: Admitting, Medical Records, Lab and Pharmacy.
  • Works with DNS to facilitate OPS processes and protocols.
  • Able to work independently, plan and provide professional nursing care for patients in the outpatient settings in accordance with the medical and nursing plans of care and established policies and procedures.
  • Will work with coordinator and team to assess and respond to the specialized nursing needs of infusion/injection therapy patients.
  • Provides routine and specialized procedures in the outpatient setting where patients receive, infusions/injection therapies for chronic diseases and blood transfusions.
  • Ability to document and communicate pertinent information using computer and/or paper documentation tools.
  • Working knowledge of procedures and techniques involved in IV access devises; ports, PICC's and central line catheter maintenance and care.
  • Provide empathetic and professional communication in dealing with patients and family members.
  • Responsible to provide patient care, plus patient and family education related to treatment services.
  • Able to work in a Team-oriented environment that provides the highest level of quality patient care while maintaining very high patient satisfaction scores.
  • Manages and tracks patient contact following Surgical/Procedural/INPT/OSV patient stays to inquire how patients are doing following discharge, the "We Care Program".
  • Assist other nursing personnel in the delivery of patient care services as needed.
  • Monitor and initiate corrective action to maintain the environment of care, including equipment and material resources.
  • Ensure that the appropriate charges for patient care are entered into EHR.

RN Scrub

Preferred knowledge of aseptic technique, sterilization techniques and procedures, infection control and work flow principles. Must demonstrate and exercise responsible judgment to provide necessary supplies and equipment for the patient care areas while working under the supervision of the RN Surgical/CS/OPS Coordinator. This position requires daily flexibility to perform responsibilities, possible on-call expectations and knowledge of routine policies and procedures and adherence to Safety, Quality and Infection control standards.

  • Serves as scrub nurse as in the operating/procedure room.
  • Assists with the care of patients in the operating room by performing routine and delegated duties according to the Standard of Practice and policies of the hospital and department.
  • Sets up for surgeries and procedures with minimal down time between cases.
  • Education/orientation for surgery.
  • Works with CNO to facilitate unit processes and protocols.
  • Position is required to take call.
  • Participation in Surgery Skills Day as requested.
  • Other duties as assigned.

RN Custodial Swing Bed Coordinator

  • Plans, creates, organizes, and evaluates care plans for Custodial Swing Bed patients. Works with all members of the interdisciplinary team, ensuring a collaborative approach to care. Maintains performance improvement activities within the Nursing Department.
  • Facilitates custodial admissions and discharges.
  • Performs initial assessment including patient history. This includes AIMS, Braden, Morris fall scale, pain assessment, ADL ability and a belonging list.
  • Develop and maintain care plans. Review to be conducted quarterly and as needed.
  • Present and explain paperwork required for patient admission. Obtain required signatures.
  • Complete a PASSR.
  • Review code status and assure proper documentation has been completed.
  • Create monthly treatment calendar for nurses.
  • Communicates with family members related to patient needs. Participates in care coordination meetings by preparing content, contacting family, arranging appointments and leading the meeting.
  • Treat the patient and the family with respect and dignity. Identifies and addresses psychosocial needs of the patient and family. Educates the patient and the family on the aspects of the patient’s placement and continuing care.
  • Create monthly full assessment calendar for nurses.
  • Complete and send a Notice of Action report for Medicaid Patients
  • Monitor charting pertaining to patient’s care.
  • Complete Cycle Fill monthly.
  • Participate in Safe Patient Handling, Quality Oversight Committee and Infection Control Meetings.
  • Performs all aspects of patient care in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduces the likelihood of medical/health errors.
  • Supports and maintains a culture of safety and quality
  • Functions as a patient /family advocate
  • Acts as a resource to guides and directs nurses, NACs, and RAs.
  • Other duties assigned

Standard for portrayal of mission and values:

  • Employee demonstrates and fosters the Lewis County Hospital District No. 1 values of achievement, creativity and innovation, teamwork, quality, and integrity.
  • Employee demonstrates and fosters the mission of Lewis County Hospital District No. 1 to provide our highest level of compassionate, diligent and professional medical care.
  • Is cooperative and supportive to others within the department and hospital providing care and services.
  • Treats individuals including patients, co-workers, supervisors, management, patient families, physicians, volunteers, visitors and others with respect, dignity and fairness.
  • Behaves professionally and ethically in all interactions with patients, co-workers, supervisors, management, patients' families, physicians volunteers, and others.
  • Is consistently courteous to patients, co-workers, supervisors, management, patient’s families, physicians, volunteers and others; greets individuals and provides assistance and direction in an attentive and helpful manner.
  • Willingly strives at continuous quality improvement to achieve quality work the first time every time.
  • Is willing to learn new procedures and develop new skills for the purpose of improving quality of care and services.
  • Willingly participates as a member of work team(s) supporting the goals and objectives of the department and the district.
  • When answering the telephone, is courteous to caller, clearly identifies department, name and takes a message or directs calls as necessary in a helpful manner.

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