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An open letter from the Arbor Health to Yakima Valley healthcare workers:

An open letter from the Arbor Health to Yakima Valley healthcare workers:

There is no denying the stress and disruption that many of you have faced in your healthcare career this year. From the sidelines in Lewis County, we have empathized with the pain incurred in losing your hospital family. And from one healthcare family to another, we were dismayed to hear such news. If you are ready for a new adventure in life, we want to invite you to consider a job in an organization that prides itself in community support, employee engagement and financial stability.

At Arbor Health, we know that your job is more than just a source of income—it is your identity, your second home, and a source of pride. Likewise, you look for more in an employer than just providing a fair wage—its loyalty, motivation, opportunity to advance, a sense of belonging and respect. Here at Arbor Health we believe that the employee-employer relationship is built on mutual-respect, commitment, honesty and loyalty. While we stumble from time to time, this is the culture we are working hard to create.

We believe we are “just what the doctor ordered” for you. We are looking for medical providers, registered nurses, pharmacists, therapists, radiology technologists, laboratory technologists and more.

If this is the type of work environment you are looking for, we would like to talk to you about potential employment at any one of our facilities located in Morton, Mossyrock or Randle. Here in picturesque Lewis County, we have great schools and we are brimming with outdoor recreational opportunities. And if you prefer not to relocate, talk to us about our alternative housing arrangements!

We look forward to hearing from you,

Shannon Kelly
Human Resources Director

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