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Arbor Health is a great place to work. In addition to being an equal-opportunity employer, offering competitive compensation and excellent benefits for our employees, we truly appreciate and value our staff. One of the ways we demonstrate our appreciation is our Employee Recognition Program.

If you are ready for a new adventure in life, we want to invite you to consider a job in an organization that prides itself in community support, employee engagement and financial stability. We believe we are “just what the doctor ordered” for you.

If you have employment questions, please contact Jamie Brazil at

Arbor Health is committed to providing a drug-free work environment. Pre-employment substance abuse screening is required as a condition of employment.

Information regarding the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) can be found here.

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Imaging Manager (Full Time)




Experienced Radiological Technologist with supervisory and organizational skills able to direct the imaging department.

Minimum qualifications:

  • High school graduate or equivalency, minimum; Bachelor's Degree preferred. Graduate of radiographic program approved by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) or RDMS.
  • Registered with ARRT. Washington State Certification or Registration. Current American Heart Association BLS Certification or must be obtained within 30 days of hire
  • At least five years practical experience in radiology department under the direction of a qualified radiologist.
  • Must have supervisory and organizational abilities to direct imaging department.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Provides effective leadership and supervisory support to staff
  • Selects qualified and competent employees
  • Ensures that all employees are provided with appropriate orientation and in-services
  • Projects and coordinates sufficient staffing to meet departmental demands
  • Assures that qualifications and competencies of all employees are current
  • Conducts performance evaluations in a timely manner.
  • Communicates Arbor Health’s vision, mission and strategic plan
  • Facilitates development of a team whose vision and priorities are aligned with organizational goals
  • Establishes performance expectations and provides coaching to achieve positive results
  • Empowers staff to make decisions by providing information and tools
  • Motivates staff and creates an environment where employees thrive.
  • Fosters teamwork, effective communication and collaboration among all departments
  • Anticipates department needs relative to finances, space and resources and participate in annual budget process.
  • Manages personnel resources and adjusts to changing work-load, staff absence, and other needs within the parameters of staffing targets
  • Responsible to provide the tools, equipment, and resources for employees to work safely and efficiently.
  • Monitors and ensure compliance with the department budget
  • Formulates, reviews and revises policies and procedures
  • Develops, implements, and monitors department quality and process improvement initiatives
  • Maintains compliance with regulatory and accreditation bodies
  • Responsible for training and demonstrating proper techniques to staff technologists. Supervising and making recommendations for corrective actions. Completes staff technologists' performance evaluations.
  • Performs all radiological examinations ordered by physician. This includes routine and special procedures performed in the department, and ED and OR.
  • Responsible for maintaining records of procedures performs, ordering and storage of departmental supplies and supervising proper maintenance of patient films and records.
  • Responsible for supervising and demonstrating correct position of patients, principles of radiographic exposure and processing, and teleradiology, and professional conduct with patients, peers staff and others.
  • Responsible for seeing that the Imaging department has 24-hour coverage.
  • Maintains quality control. Supervises repair of equipment and provides contract oversight. Participates on QI/PI team.
  • Responsible for proper safety precautions for radiation safety for all hospital personnel.
  • Collaborates with senior leader regarding improvements and special purchases of the department.
  • Represents imaging department at regular department head meetings of the hospital and other ad hoc meetings.
  • Demonstrates knowledge in the use and limitations of x-ray generators and tubes (i.e., rating charts, warm-up procedures, cooling times).
  • Understands and properly uses MA/time/KV values in producing radiographs.
  • Uses correct angles and distances for each film.
  • Properly positions patients and is knowledgeable of why and how positions are utilized for good imaging.
  • Measures patients to assess exposure values.
  • Completely performs all diagnostic procedures.
  • Properly shields patient, self and others with lead garments according to department standards.
  • Correctly positions patients for mammography per ACR/MQSA/FDA standards.
  • Demonstrates ability to critique quality of images in all areas before exam completion.
  • Assists physicians in performing non-invasive as well as invasive procedures ordered.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of patient care:
  • Is proficient and competent in patient handling and body mechanics
  • Must be kind, gentle, courteous, attentive, and always be conscious of the comfort and safety of patient.
  • Properly assesses patient and plans imaging needs.
  • Is responsible for various clerical paper work:
  • Assures that adequate and pertinent data is communicated to peers and medical providers accurately and precisely.
  • Assures that each image is correctly annotated with all patient data.
  • Assures that comparison studies and reports are transmitted with the exam.
  • Assures that mammography studies are recorded for birads tracking.
  • Faxes/Networks reports as needed. Communicate critical findings.
  • Supervises archival filing and purging of records as needed.
  • Properly completes exams and checks for appropriate charges
  • Is responsible for physical areas of department
  • Maintains cleanliness of equipment, work area and exam room and assures they are ready for use after each patient.
  • Maintains adequate supplies in exam room and other work areas.
  • Stocks exam room with fresh linen PRN.
  • Maintains cleanliness in dressing rooms after each patient.
  • Changes linens on exam table after each exam.
  • Participates in routine cleaning of cassettes, screens, and other equipment.
  • Immediately reports malfunctioning of equipment.
  • Demonstrates professional clinical knowledge for the care of patients
  • Assesses and adjusts care/treatment to be compatible with the growth and development of the patient.
  • Assesses patient's level of understanding and adjusts care appropriately.
  • Provides patient and family with information about the department environment and various aspects of the procedure/treatment/plan of care.
  • Obtains supplies, equipment and instruments in relation to the size of the patient.
  • Assesses age related changes; for example: vision and hearing.
  • Assesses physical limitations of elderly patients.
  • Assesses adjustment of radiation dosage relating to age and weight.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned:
  • Follows guidelines as established at time of assignment.
  • Accepts assignments willingly.
  • Prioritizes workload to assure completion of assignments.
  • Asks appropriate clarifying questions relative to scope of assignment.
  • Reports productivity of 7 modality Imaging Department to senior leader.
  • Keeps Administration informed on current and future imaging issues
  • Keeps policies, procedures and contracts updated in Lucidoc.
  • Ensures regulatory compliance within Imaging Department, included but not limited to RCW, WAC, FDA, MQSA and ACR.
  • Acts as the Radiation Safety Officer monitoring and signing personnel dose reports.
  • Monitors CPC/HCP codes for annual changes.
  • Monitors PAC access monthly.
  • Collaborates with senior leadership to develop and manage the Imaging Departments annual budget.
  • Maintains electronic time keeping system to manage Imaging Department staff.

Standard for portrayal of mission and values:

  • Employee demonstrates and fosters the Lewis County Hospital District No. 1 core values of - One team, on Mission. Go out of your way, to brighten someone's day. Own it, embrace it. Care like crazy. Motivate, elevate, appreciate. Know the way, show the way, ease the way. Find joy along the way.
  • Employee demonstrates and fosters the mission of Lewis County Hospital District No. 1 to foster trust and nurture a healthy community.
  • Is cooperative and supportive to others within the department and hospital providing care and services.
  • Treats individuals including patients, co-workers, supervisors, management, patient families, physicians, volunteers, visitors, and others with respect, dignity, and fairness.
  • Behaves professionally and ethically in all interactions with patients, co-workers, supervisors, management, patients' families, physicians volunteers, and others.
  • Is consistently courteous to patients, co-workers, supervisors, management, patient’s families, physicians, volunteers, and others; greets individuals and provides assistance and direction in an attentive and helpful manner.
  • Willingly strives at continuous quality improvement to achieve quality work the first time every time.
  • Is willing to learn new procedures and develop new skills for the purpose of improving quality of care and services.
  • Willingly participates as a member of the work team(s) supporting the goals and objectives of the department and the district.
  • When answering the telephone, is courteous to the caller, clearly identifies department, name and takes a message or directs calls as necessary in a helpful manner.

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