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Why our new orthopedic surgeon loves his job

Thank goodness for siblings who get along. When aspiring medical doctor Robert Williams, MD, saw how much his brother enjoyed working as an orthopedic surgeon, it inspired him to choose the same specialty. We at Arbor Health are grateful to the Williams siblings, because that decision led to our successful recruitment of an orthopedic surgeon to Morton Hospital.

"It was evident that he was doing something that he loved," Dr. Williams recalls of his brother. "As I learned more about orthopedics, I discovered that same passion. So I jumped in and never looked back."

Expertly trained

Dr. Williams, who is board-certified in orthopedic surgery and carries a secondary specialty in orthopedic sports medicine, will begin seeing patients at the Arbor Health Specialty Clinic in June. Dr. Williams earned his medical degree at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Medical School and completed his residency at the Campbell Clinic through the University of Tennessee.

"After completing my orthopedic residency, I also completed an extra year of training in spine surgery at the prestigious Campbell Clinic," Dr. Williams says. "This allows me to take a more experienced and comprehensive approach to the care of my patients. I'm passionate about being an orthopedic surgeon because of the dramatic reduction in pain and the restoration of function that I can provide, so my patients can get back to their lives."

Dr. Williams looks forward to working here and getting to know the community. He will focus on knee and shoulder scope procedures and repairs, as well as soft tissue needs. "I practice patient-centered care, where the patients participate in their operative and nonoperative care," he says.

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Expert care, close to home

Orthopedic surgeon Robert Williams, MD, is a great addition to our medical staff. He will be seeing patients in the Arbor Health Specialty Clinic. Call 360.496.3641 for an appointment.


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